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Site News

12 March 2024Updated A Culture of Reality Distortion.
9 March 2024Marked Mason Alexander Park, and The Gift of Dementia as finished.

Updated That Old House.
1 February 2024
Updated The Gift of Dementia, Loss, and Mason Alexander Park.
20 August 2023Updated That Old House. It's now a complete first draft, but very rough.

Updated The Gift of Dementia, Loss, and Mason Alexander Park.

Marked Singing Into The Past, Goodbye Mom, and Sam Brinton as finished.

Added Notes on the poem Loss.
12 August 2023Added That Old House to Love poems.
28 May 2023
Updated: Singing Into The Past, Loss, Goodbye Mom, Mason Alexander Park, Capitalism, and Sam Brinton.

Marked How Do I Become The Fun One? as finished.

Rewote Habits as Default.

Added The Gift of Dementia to Experiences.

Added Impact to One Liners.

Added Nerd Consciousness and Pleaser Consciousness to One Liners. They were originally drafted in 2014.
2022-12-23Added Singing Into The Past to Experiences.
2022-11-11Marked Celebrating a Life as finished.
2022-11-10Added Barbara Cattey to Love Poems and called it finished immediately.

Added Moving on from unmet expectations to One-Liners.

Marked Giving Cuz It Hurts, and Why Naked? as finished.

Updated Sam Brinton, Goodbye Mom, and Celebrating a Life.
2022-11-08Updated Celebrating a Life.

Added Loss to Commentaries.
2022-11-04Updated How Do I Become The Fun One?.

Added Goodbye Mom to Experiences, Giving Cuz It Hurts to Commentaries, Mason Alexander Park to Love Poems, and Celebrating a Life to Love Poems.
2022-08-24Marked Naturism Stress Test and San Francisco Has Been Poisoned as finished.

Updated Sam Brinton.
2022-08-22Added The Gift of Stenosis to One-Liners.
2022-07-24Marked Bill Casey: Elegy. Epiphany as finished (and corrected a spelling mistake).
2022-07-17Teeny change to Bill Casey: Elegy. Epiphany. The previous change was spot on. Maybe this one is the final correction.
2022-07-13Yet another attempt to perfect Bill Casey: Elegy. Epiphany.
2022-07-02Updated Bill Casey: Elegy. Epiphany.
2022-05-28Updated Bill Casey: Elegy. Epiphany, Why Naked?, San Francisco Has Been Poisoned, Habits, and Notes on How Do I Become The Fun One?.

Marked Displaced Sadness, and Trusting as finished.

Added Naturism Stress Test to Self Discovery.
2022-05-26Updated Bill Casey: Elegy. Epiphany, and How Do I Become The Fun One?.
2022-03-11Added Bill Casey: Elegy. Epiphany. to Experiences.

Marked Are you being used? , To Reuben and Mischief or Mayhem as finished.

Added a new "chapter" to Sam Brinton trying to capture their current struggle.

Updated How Do I Become The Fun One?, Displaced Sadness, San Francisco Has Been Poisoned and Trusting.
26 August 2011 Marked Unpacking a Lifetime of Overload and Majority Rule as finished.

Added To Reuben to Experiences.

Added Are you being used? to Commentaries.
25 August 2021Marked I Just Called... as finished.

Updated How Do I Become The Fun One? and added Notes on it.
20 June 2021Updated San Francisco Has Been Poisoned and Unpacking a Lifetime of Overload.

Added How Do I Become The Fun One? to Self Discovery.
28 May 2021Revised Majority Rule, I Just Called..., Why Naked?, and Trusting.

Marked The Tao of Practice, and Altered States as finished.

Added San Francisco Has Been Poisoned to Commentaries.

Added Unpacking a Lifetime of Overload, and Displaced Sadness to Self Discovery.
27 May 2021Marked If You Look For Reasons as finished.
6 April 2021Added Still not King and The Elephant in the Room to One Liners.
23 September 2020Marked Not Good or Bad, Different., To Be Believed, Aged Like..., A Culture of Reality Distortion as finished.

Revised Majority Rule, Capitalism, Sam Brinton, Trusting, The Tao of Practice.

Added Mischief or Mayhem to Love poems.

Added If You Look For Reasons to Commentaries.

Added Notes on Aged Like....

Added Useless Advice for Under-Achievers to One Liners.
22 August 2019Added Majority Rule to Commentaries.

Added Star Dance Evolution and I Just Called... to Self Discovery.

Added Steer clear this time. to One Liners.
21 August 2019Revised Not Good or Bad, Different., Sam Brinton, Habits, The Tao of Practice, and Aged Like....

Added Discretionary Poetry and New Management Theory to One Liners.
6 July 2019Revised Words of Love.
4 May 2019Added Capitalism to Commentaries.
23 August 2018Added Looking at the world through wine bottle lenses: to One Liners.
22 August 2018 Added Trusting to Commentaries.

Added Inconvenient Truth to One Liners.

Added Sam Brinton to Love.

Added Fully Charged to One Liners.
21 August 2018Added Not Good or Bad, Different. to Self Discovery.

Updated / rewrote Aged Like....
12 August 2018Added To Be Believed to Commentaries.
30 July 2018Added The Luck of the Draw I -- The Birth Lottery to Commentaries.
24 August 2017Added The Tao of Practice to Self Discovery.

Added Aged Like... to Commentaries.

Revised Why Naked? and Altered States.

Marked I Choose as finished.
15 February 2016Added The Measure of a Man to One-Liners.
5 November 2015Second draft of A Culture of Reality Distortion.
5 November 2015Tiny tweak to I Choose.

More aggressive refinement of Habits.

Marked Overcoming Performance Anxiety, Optimism, Unemployment, Nerd or Geek, Try Softer as finished.
4 November 2015Added A Culture of Reality Distortion to Commentaries.

Revised Habits, Why Naked?, Altered States, Overcoming Performance Anxiety, Optimism.
29 August 2015Revised Overcoming Performance Anxiety.
28 August 2015Marked Brain Damage, Meditation for Personal Evolution, Your Calling, and Music is the Elixir of Life as finished.
28 August 2015Revised Unemployment.
27 August 2015Marked Auntie Jean has ALS as finished.
27 August 2015Added Overcoming Performance Anxiety to Self-Discovery.
26 August 2015Updated Try Softer, and Why Naked.
25 August 2015Added Altered States to Self-Discovery.

Added Re-Upholstering My Mind in Paisley to One-Liners.
16 March 2015Added Genesis -- Corrected Translation to Commentaries.
4 March 2015Added Music is the Elixir of Life to Commentaries.
17 February 2015Updated I Choose and Memorial Disservice.

Added Another victim of reality to One-Liners.

Added Misplaced Attention to One-Liners.
6 August 2014Added Unemployment and Why Naked? to Self Discovery .
5 August 2014Marked Papercut as finished.
24 July 2014Tiny refinement to I Choose.
6 July 2014Added Habits to Commentaries.

Added Papercut to Self Discovery.
5 July 2014Added I Choose to Self Discovery.

Marked What Does He Have That I want? as finished after one tiny revision..

Added I like the one-liners -- they're short. to One-Liners.

Marked Platonica and Points on a Line as finished.
17 November 2013Added Choosing Your Own Adventure to One-Liners.
16 November 2013Added Dangerous Beliefs to commentaries.

Updated Try Softer, Meditation for Personal Evolution, Your Calling, Brain Damage, and Points on a Line.
23 August 2013Memorial Disservice and Yahweh --The Great 'I Am' are now finished.

Attempted a new ending for Auntie Jean has ALS.

Tiny amendment to Points on a Line.
21 August 2013Added Meditation for Personal Evolution.
20 August 2013Platonica revised.

Added Try Softer to commentaries.
19 August 2013Memorial Disservice revised.

Added Necessity Is The Mother of Comprehension and Ecology Viewed From Afar to One-Liners.
5 August 2011Added A Flash of Lust and I Like Working With People to One-Liners.
27 July 2011Added Marketing to an Engineer to One-Liners.
21 July 2011Added Recapturing Fun II -- Computers to One-Liners.

Added Recapturing Fun I -- Writing to One-Liners.
4 June 2011Added Memorial Disservice to Experiences. It's definitely not finished yet.
2 June 2011Added Prioritization Paradox to One-Liners.
15 February 2011Worked on Your Calling.

Happy Anniversary is now finished.
16 October 2010Your Calling added as a new, unfinished poem. (Almost lost it because I didn't log it.)
27 September 2010Added Falling Towards Self Knowledge to One-Liners.
19 July 2010Added Nerd or Geek, Braindamage and Ring Zero.
31 March 2010Roll-out of redesigned site with cleaner design including tabbed navigation.
21 March 2010Weather Control is now finished.

Waiter is now finished.

Points on a Line revised.

Waiter revised.
1 February 2010Epistemological Enigma added to One-Liners.
27 October 2009The REAL source of success added to One-Liners.
26 August 2009Hope and Affirmation added to One-Liners.
23 August 2009Weather Control added as a new, unfinished poem.

Waiter added as a new, unfinished poem.
22 August 2009Points on a Line added as a new, unfinished poem.

Converted whole site from Copyright to Creative Commons License.

Converted the poem site activity, "find-header" from a cooperating shell script and perl script to Java.
30 January 2009Happy Anniversary published as an unfinished, but at last visible poem.
28 August 2008Cultivating Serenity is now finished.