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Are you being used?

I need you to prove me wrong about something.
I fear you may be the victim
Of a person
Or a movement
That cares nothing about you
And is using you.
Why do I say I need this?
Because I'm tired of seeing good people
Seduced into being
The instruments of evil.
Maybe you're fine.
But humor this idealist
And answer a few question.
The life you save may be your own.
Do you have an Enemy?
Do you have a Fear?
Do you have a Need?
Will you
For a moment,
Look deep inside and know,
For yourself,
What of the Enemy, the Fear or the Need
Matters most?
You don't need to tell another soul.
Just know it for yourself --
Your truest, most powerful Need.
Did someone promise that they had
The recipe for you
To vanquish that Enemy?
To overcome that Fear?
To get what you REALLY Need?
Here's where I hope I'm wrong.
What if they lied?
How would you know?
Before it's too late!
Nobody can say for sure
Which are lies and which are not.
Much as we'd like it so
Nothing is 100% one thing.
Beware the promises
If unkept leave you with nothing,
Or less than what you started with.
A truthful "All-In" bet
Says on the label,
"Success is not assured."
A real recipe for success
Pays attention to both the
For and Against aspects.
Beware the sure thing,
And the single-minded solution.
You may be a victim
You may be being used.

26 August 2021

by Bill Cattey