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Welcome to my web-published poetry portfolio.

If you're wondering where to start, the poem I most often show people first is The Shaman's Lament. After that, I encourage people to look at my most recent poems in Sorted by Date, or to look at the titles that intrigue them in Sorted by Title.

I think my primary motivation for writing poems is to take a memory or feeling and preserve it outside of myself. These poems have a lot of meaning for me, but may be tough for anyone else to make sense of. Then again, some of my poems are all too transparent.

My sense of my identity as a poet has evolved over time. I captured some of that process in Duh!, and I give a little more detail in the notes on Duh!. (Many poems have notes.)

The boundries between the topics are fuzzy. There are poems that are both about an experience but were also about a love attraction. Sometimes I've placed a poem outside its main category to break up an otherwise too homogenous collection. The organization is evolving over time.

I hope you find meaning in these poems and they help you as they have helped me. If you find they say a lot to you, then I'd like to hear from you, at gmail.com under the name of bill.cattey