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Sam Brinton

Sam is a survivor of "Gay Conversion Therapy".
Torture techniques conditioned him
To feel physical pain and nausea
When feeling attraction to a man.
He learned how to survive and thrive.
Today, Sam is
Fiercely open, honest and upbeat.
Manifesting the full complexity
Of fluid male/female aspects.
Sam's pronoun has grown from "he" into "they".
They are inspiring.
Every day Sam gets up and turns their constant pain
Into action that makes the world better.
Sam works in public policy.
As a leader at the Trevor Project
They lobbied to help protect children
From torture like what Sam endured.
Working to help others see beyond pain and
Choose life.
Taking on ever bigger efforts
To pull people away from
Prejudices and pat answers,
Sam combats climate change
By showing how Nuclear Energy
Can be made safe
If we choose
To make difficult decisions
And do the work.
While Sam fights their pain inside,
Outside they fight fear from others:
Of people of different sexuality
Of hosting atomic power or waste.
They confront the foot soldiers of fear
Who would rather act to harm
The messenger of truth
Than take on hard questions
And overcome their fear.

22 August 2018 (unfinished)

by Bill Cattey