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Practice choosing optimism.
There's always a fault to find,
A reason to regret.
You never know what's really true,
Who to trust, what to do.
You can never have all the facts
And the turn of a single one
Can turn delight into disaster.
All the time
You are choosing
Which facts to believe
And which to discard.
Often the choice is unconscious
But the filtering is always there.
When you're afraid
And avoiding
It's hard to act
But easy to be manipulated.
When you choose optimism
You have to do it with just the facts at hand.
No illusions
But recognition
Some facts are missing,
Some are mis-weighted.
But when you choose optimism
You choose to empower yourself.
Fear is for victims.
Victims get an excuse.
But excuses are seductive.
Victimhood can be addictive.
Following is easy.
Anger is easy.
Fear and distrust are easy.
Optimism is hard.
Empowerment is hard.
But it's the most powerful force
For making the world better.
Don't let the fear-mongers win.
Practice optimism.

28 August 2015

by Bill Cattey