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Altered States

Does this happen to other people?
Just the right amount of alcohol,
And suddenly you hear voices
Coming from other people's heads.
I stand there
With the universe stretched out
In all directions
And it is as if
The future is there to be observed.
Just the right amount of alcohol.
Surfing a wave of altered states.
Inhibitions and fears have quieted a bit
And I'm a bit bolder.
It feels like I have an advantage
Where usually I'm behind.
I want to keep it up
And live in this state.
But it's a fragile knife-edge balance
Easily fallen from.
All too soon I feel it fading.
Back to normal.
Maybe I'll find this state again.
But it's difficult to re-acquire.
I can see how many people
Risk losing themselves in chemicals
In pursuit of the moment I have just left.

22 August 2015

by Bill Cattey