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The Waiter

Nonexistent ass, only half covered by
lo-rise jeans
    consisting of a straight tube wrapping his lower butt
    and branching into two straight leg-tubes
    rolled up to expose
    hairy stick-ankles
    plugged into tube socks
    that terminate in well-worn leather hi-tops.
Too bad he was wearing underwear.
Black hair,
    meticulously trimmed to appear messy
    with bangs dangling into and out of the eye line.
Ears pierced with 3/8 inch grommets.
    with a delicate smattering of freckles.
    Alternating expressions of friendliness and distraction.
Dark eyebrows,
    probably plucked
    into a more stylistically acceptable pair form.
Button nose,
    slightly elongated
    inspires wonder at the size of features
    below the belt.
A complete package
    to render us helpless with lust.
He speaks.
    "Do you want anything else?"

28 July 2009

by Bill Cattey