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Happy Anniversary

I remember the day we met -- The August BBQ.
Bright Eyes.
Young and cute.
Probably too young to be interested in me.
But we both kept looking back at each other,
Almost tripping over each other's gaze.
The BBQ moved inside.
We sat down and got acquainted.
Talking then cuddling.
I almost never take someone home the first time I meet him.
But we left the party together
And continued getting acquainted at my house.
I always seem to rush into things with a promising new friend.
This time I took it slow.
We ran into each other at several parties
And we always gravitated to a cuddle together.
We both began to find it easy
To make time for each other.
Very few people make time for me.
This probably means something,
But I don't want to jinx it.
Several more get-togethers,
Until a trip to San Francisco
That began as two separate vacations
Conveniently held at the same time.
Blossomed into something more
Taking us a bit by surprise.
Finally we were asked,
"Are you guys dating, or what?"
And then we realized
We were.
My habitual fear of feeling alone
Fell silent.
I wonder if you felt the same.
I say to others,
"He picked me".
But really we both picked each other.
Or I say,
"We're really the same person
Just displaced in time and space."
That seems all too true.
Sometimes I trip over something
Inside of myself,
Or that I provoke in you
That makes me fear
The wonderfulnes we have right now
Might end.
There are so many reasons why
Relationships don't work out.
It's hard to stop myself from
Inventorying them every one.
I calm myself by saying,
        I don't know what the future holds.
        Now is good.
"Now" has been good for over a year.
Happy Anniversary.

28 August 2008

by Bill Cattey