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Giving Cuz It Hurts

The phrase "Give 'till it hurts,"
Misses a whole class of motivation.
It assumes a starting point
Of emotional calm,
And physical plenty.
It invites us to give
From that starting point
Until we leave our comfort zone.
What of those without a comfort zone?
The abused
The anxious
Or merely the unsure.
I've met them.
So have you.
They give, give give,
All the time they give.
You can tell something's up
When you notice
They keep failing to give
To themselves.
Maybe you are such a one.
Selfishness is always supposed to be bad.
Selflessness is always supposed to be good.
Can be taken too far.
An excursion outside one's comfort zone
Is different from never having a comfort zone.
Can we try for balance?
Let's help each other
To move from
"Give cuz it hurts,"
To create a comfort zone where
"Give 'till it hurts,"
Can make sense.

4 November 2022

by Bill Cattey