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Yahweh -- The Great 'I Am'

I'd been feeling bad about myself
Far too much recently.
So I set myself a project saying,
      I'm a world class systems analyst.
      The person with the skill to identify the issues
      And best able to craft a resolution
      Is me.
Often I had to step outside the situation,
Outside of myself,
And ask what advice I'd give to that person
Who is me.
With much meditation, and analysis
I boiled it down
To a fundamental matter
Of volatile self-worth.
I'd feel bad about myself
Or good about myself
Reacting to people and events
Out of proportion to reality.
The resolution is:
A new habit,
To take the old judgments
One step further.
      What I have,
      What I know,
      Who I know,
      How I look,
      What I do,
      Or my potential,
I am.
And then it hit me:
Moses asked,
What is variously translated
      What is your name?
      Who are you?
      What are you about?
And God answered:
      I am.
Maybe he was trying to tell us something?

14 March 2005

by Bill Cattey