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The Luck of the Draw #1 -- The Birth Lottery

I first heard of it when I read commentary
By rich-man, investor first class, Warren Buffett:
The Birth Lottery.
Credited with a Midas Touch, Buffett says
His biggest leg up as in investor was pure luck.
He won The Birth Lottery
By being born in the United States.
Starting with that commentary on making money,
It is no surprise that the United States
Is described as the "winning location."
Let's expand our perspective.
Yes, we expect the United States to be
"All about money."
However a complex collection of
Boundaries and predilections of all kinds.
With varying degrees and collections of
Similarity and difference
Compared to other places.
Think not only of countries
With big differences
Or little ones.
Think also of neighborhoods
With little differences
Or big ones.
The way people treat you,
In the country or neighborhood where you find yourself
Is different,
Depending on that location and
      Your gender.
      The color of your skin.
      The clothes you wear.
      The wealth you display.
      The beliefs you express.
      Hidden things people find out about you.
Imagine the lifetime of reasons
Why you might decide to move
Or to stay where you are.
But it all starts with a matter
Of pure luck.
The luck of the draw
At the Birth Lottery.

30 July 2018 (unfinished)

by Bill Cattey