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Driven by an individual's self interest.
To get more value back than paid in.
Winners and losers.
A game played where hidden disadvantage
Suddenly can appear.
Playing the game.
Amassing wealth and power.
What of the losers?
Winners and losers.
It just seems wrong.
What did the rich and powerful do
To deserve what they have?
What did the losers do
To deserve their loss?
Winners and losers.
How to make it stop?
Take from the winners
And give to the losers?
As if turning winners into losers
Was something they deserved.
It feels good to win.
Giving to the losers
Feels good too.
Winners and losers.
Making winners into losers
Doesn't make it stop.
There is a problem.
Maybe if we set aside
Considerations of the Capital, the money,
We might see the problem more clearly
And perhaps see some solutions.
Think about luck.
When the house next door
Gets hit by a tornado.
What do we feel?
What do we do?
We feel relief.
We were lucky.
Maybe we build our house
Bigger, stronger, better.
Maybe we go next door
And pitch in to help.
Maybe we don't need
To create more winners and losers.
Maybe we just need to remember.
Some are lucky.
Some are not.
And pitch in to help
When today we are lucky.

4 May 2019 (unfinished)

by Bill Cattey