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How Do I Become The Fun One?

I have a well-ingrained habit
To take things too seriously.
My health, my job,
Even my singing and my socializing.
I took pride in the moniker
"The Customer From Hell"
Because I would always find a problem
And make them fix it.
In retrospect, I think instead
I taught many suppliers
That I was never satisfied
And there was no point
In bothering to work with me.
I remember a trip
To the Hospital Emergency Department.
When I felt my pain wasn't
Getting adequate attention,
I let them know loudly and angrily.
And yet,
There are other examples:
In rehab after surgery,
My grandfather was their favorite patient.
Anyone visiting his room left
With a smile on their face.
Recent stories from a friend
In the hospital
Living through unbelievable pain
Making it his business
To learn the names and stories
Of everyone who came in to help.
He told them he valued them
And got each one to laugh
Before they left the room.
So easy to be serious.
To feel pain and pass it on.
But what a difference
Doing the work to make it
Easier, not harder,
For others in the room!
How do I become the fun one?
To feel the pain
To know the situation is serious,
But to give the other participants
So they leave with a smile
And are all the more
Ready to come back and help.
How do I become the fun one?
Playfulness in the face of pain.
Lateral thinking in a serious situation.
Remembering I'm no better than anyone else.
Much as I'd like to believe
That my pain,
My agenda,
Is special,
They're not.
Affirmation. Affirmation. Affirmation.
Thank you.
Funny story for you.
Let's put this shoe on the other hand.
I'm really bad with names.
So can you tell me something
About you
That helps me remember your name
And save me some embarrassment
Next time I see you?
I don't know how to cope with this moment.
Please excuse me while I fail.
I'll be back shortly
When I will be fun one.

20 June 2021

by Bill Cattey