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Vos Pantalons

Blue Denim 501's, 36x36.
Drooping way down in the back.
Gray Athena® underwear waistband.
A two inch smile of gray seat cloth.
Above: an inch and a half
Of olive toned skin
Peeks out from under
A wisp of gray T shirt cotton.
The majority of the terrain
Is a light brown skin-tight
Turtle-neck zipper-sweater.
The zipper is undone.
I imagine the underwear gone,
And then savor its continued presence.
Exposure and enclosure
Style and fantasy
Inviting to the eye
Silently demanding a caress from bystanders.
Fantasy fills in interesting gaps.
The sight of his face breaks the spell.
He was more interesting from behind.
Later as he walks from his table
His gait revives the mystique.
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26 October 2002

by Bill Cattey