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I told him I was looking for an Apprentice --
        in computers,
        in massage.
He had a very busy life
But eventually we got together.
I warned him:
My sense of massage is at the crossover point
        between therapy
        and spirit
        and sex.
He learned quickly
And he learned pretty well.
We went out dancing
Then came back
And played around
Rather intimately.
I hoped we'd get together
Again real soon.
But as time went on
He made little effort to fit me into
His busy life.
One day we were chatting.
He was not feeling well.
"I could give you a neck rub
And help you forget all that."
"I don't think Mike would like that."
"Who's Mike?"
"Oh, this guy I met."
A neck rub considered too intimate
By a guy I never heard of.
I guess our previous intimacy
Had become devalued.
He was trifling with me
And he didn't even know it.
I could tell him.
But it wouldn't do any good.
It wouldn't change anything
Least of all, him.
Good bye.

24 Feb 2000

by Bill Cattey