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Stopping Time

Getting ready to sleep
I remember:
Sitting in a restaurant.
Talking with you.
I was recounting
The fond memory of a love gone by
And nearly shed a tear.
You reached out and took my hand.
A moment of tenderness.
"Thank you", I said.
You brought me back
To the restarurant
From the memory
Of my lover's sleeping embrace.
I see your hand clasp
Frozen in time.
And welcome the tenderness
Of that instant.
I look through it
To the earlier moment
Also frozen in time:
My lover and I
One or the other of us
Wakes a bit
And cuddles in closer.
I pray to God
There'll be another
Who does that too.
Until then
Two tender moments
Frozen in time.
Thank you.

18 January 2000
revised 20 August 2000

by Bill Cattey