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Tai Chi Driving

Breathe in. Turn the Key. Breathe out.
Look back to the left.
Look back to the right.
Back out into the street.
Emperor carries the ball?
Car glides through neighborhood.
Part the wild horse's mane?
Car enters traffic.
Brush knee and push?
Change lanes and pass.
Wave hands like clouds?
Shake fist at clowns.
Repulse monkey.
Fair maiden works the shuttle?
Breathe in. Weave through. Breathe out.
Snake creeps down?
Car enters tunnel.
Grasp the swallow's tail?
Emerge into daylight.
Start again.
Breathe in. Hold. Breathe out.
Smile at the traffic.
Paint the fence?
Grasp the wheel gently.
Emperor carries the ball?
Car and driver flow on highway.
Part the wild horse's mane?
Pass the congestion with a smile.
Transition move.
Calm driver works the shuttle.
Gather in, shift down, ease through.
Turn corner and park.
Breathe out.
Turn off engine.

13 April 2002

by Bill Cattey