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Beautiful Surprise

I met you while on vacation.
I was a guest, you were staff.
I was naked. You were not.
You were kind of cute, but
You were from far away.
The thought you might be interested in me
Never crossed my mind.
We had a nice chat.
I gave you my number.
I was being polite.
I expected you would never call.
I went home.
Months later, the phone rings.
It's you.
I wonder to myself,
Why are you calling.
We arrange to get together.
We talk.
We have dinner.
I show you where I work.
I show you where I live.
We watch some videos.
We have some tea.
I'm feeling unusually comfortable.
You let me put my head in your lap.
And thus begins a most surprising night.
You permit me to remove your clothes.
Your shirt -- a surprising chest
What wonderful curves.
Your pants -- surprising legs
and hair down there.
I thought I liked no hair best
But the way you wear it...
You get a little furry here and there
How can I describe the beauty?
I am speechless at the sight of you.
Arms, legs, feet, face.
Now your lovely smile is shown to be
The tip of a most beautiful iceberg.
Thank you for letting me see you naked.
We touched,
We held each other.
We searched and found
How to give each other pleasure.
On three hours sleep
You did this?
Most cannot give so much with far more
resources in hand.
Thank you.
We slept.
Soon after
You found a boyfriend.
I never expected anything
But got so much.
I'm happy for you.
But I miss you already.

3 December 1998

by Bill Cattey