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Stress -- Or not

I remember stressing out at school
And making an appointment
With one of the staff psychiatrists.
By the time my appointment
Finally came around
The stress was gone
And I couldn't remember
What had been bothering me so much.
But then it would happen again.
I remember being very unhappy
And not having the energy to do my work.
But also feeling that
Withdrawing from school
Or going some place else
Would be a disaster.
I remember feeling very stressed
And then having the stress
I felt so silly
To have gotten so worked up
Over nothing.
Nowadays I understand.
It's not "nothing".
It's a no-win situation.
The stress builds and builds
Then vanishes
When the situation resolves.
So I guess
A couple days ago
My feelings had worked me
Into a no-win situation:
There was a guy
I'd gotten attached to.
He disappeared shortly afterwards
And I stressed.
When he reappeared
The stress vanished
And I felt silly
To have stressed over his departure.
After I finished school
I got better at spotting
No-win situations,
And gained skill
At weathering the storm,
Or stepping away
Instead of stressing out.
Useful and important skills.
Clearly I need to apply them
Frequently and forcefully
To my dealings with people.

7 July 2000
Revised 4 February 2002

by Bill Cattey