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Why I Like Rainy Days

When I asked him why he liked rainy days
This is what he said:
When I was little,
During the hot days of summer,
The rain would come down,
And we would run outside and cool off.
Some days we wouldn't even need to take a shower.
We'd go out in our tee shirts with soap,
Stand under the eaves,
And let the torrent cleanse us.
It was cold
But it was a good cold.
It reminded you that you were alive.
After the rain,
Everything outside looks and smells so clean.
When the rain comes late at night
The sound of the drops is soothing.
It guides you to a deeper, more pleasant sleep.
Enjoy the rainy days.
Listen through the rainy nights.
Savor them as I do.

25 July 2004

by Bill Cattey as told by Marcos Avillan