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You stare deep into his eyes.
He doesn't run away
Or even look away.
He takes in your gaze
And smiles.
You touch him and
He doesn't jump.
He doesn't just tolerate.
He doesn't ignore.
He feels it and responds.
You clutch him close
He doesn't squirm
Or go limp.
He holds on too.
When you let go
He doesn't jump away
Or turn away.
He shifts position
And holds on
Till you both
Through some subtle chemistry
Agree and separate.
When you pounce
He doesn't bolt.
He doesn't freeze.
He doesn't flinch.
He catches you.
And you roll
Together in a ball.
Then disengage.
A little later
He pounces.
You can tell him
Your secrets.
Even the ones
That are about him.
He's not afraid
Or confused
Or angry.
He listens,
Holds onto them
And smiles.

31 January 2000

by Bill Cattey