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The Oldest Profession

In Amsterdam
A sitting room
With boys idly waiting
With the occasionally arriving
Well-dressed stranger.
A drink
A talk
And sometimes departure
To another room
Or to the stranger's place.
In Montreal
A room full of boys
Dancing naked
In the laps of older,
Often insecure-looking men.
Often touching.
Rules limiting
What sort of touching
Are, in fact, enforced.
If there are departures
They are quiet and covert.
Perhaps out of fear
Or being too much the romantic,
I've never myself
Arranged a departure.
Even so,
I have felt a pull
A need
A desire.
I have watched
And talked with
Boys in both places,
And felt better inside.
It's called
"The Oldest Profession":
Sex for sale.
I think that's not quite accurate.
If there is
An oldest profession
It's selling solace
Not sex.

5 January 2002

by Bill Cattey