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Help me talk myself out of:
    Feeling depressed because nobody is there:
        To listen.
        To touch.
        To lick.
        To like.
        To love.
Help me to confront:
    I feel threatened
    By what someone did.
    I feel stressed
    By what I failed to do.
    I feel anxious
    By what I might do wrong.
    I feel:
    I feel terribly terribly alone.
Help me muster strength:
    Open up a bit of vulnerability
    And share my feelings.
    Risk disappointment
    And reach out to someone.
Help me break free of paralysis:
    over fear of losing what I have.
    over failures in spite of best efforts.
    over the apparent lack of meaning:
       in my work.
       in my life.
Help me make new habits:
       strength and sensitivity.
       confidence and humility.
       vulnerability and self control.
    Listen to:
       rejection and find better matches.
       positive comments and accept them.
       negative comments and act on them with balance.
    Live for myself with concern for others.
Help me make a life I love.

13 October 2000

by Bill Cattey