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Outwrite Sofa

Big, white leather sofa
That turns a corner.
It hosts three men:
On the left leg,
A man crunching classifieds.
On the right leg,
A man with a crossword puzzle,
I'm close enough to see the topic.
No wonder he's doing it in ink.
At the bend,
A man leaning back
Arms outstretched
Wide but not intruding
On the other two men's space.
Heavy hard-cover book
Closed on his right thigh.
He wears a gentle, attentive, half-smile
As he too takes in the scene.
The couch's contents change.
Mr. Crossword and Mr. Classifieds are gone.
The left leg now contains
A young blond man
Who seems somewhat self-conscious.
I smile at him
But he looks right through me.
On his cell phone,
He calls first one friend
Then another.
He departs the couch
For the porch and a smoke.
The man at the bend
Briefly explores
First his heavy hard-cover book,
Then the newspaper.
He returns to his arms outstretched
Attentive posture.
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26 October 2002

by Bill Cattey