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The Poems of Mark Doty

Before you is a door.
Recently painted
But you can see the texture
Indicating the passage of time
In layers of flecked off and painted over paint.
You open the door
And find yourself in a meticulously lit room.
On the wall are arranged
Several ancient glass daguerreotypes.
One is the image
Of a beautiful young woman
In a billowing frilly dress.
Another is of a child
Smiling and holding an ice cream cone.
Several depict horses.
And one to the far right
Contains the ever-present Studebaker.
You view them,
Ponder them,
Make your exit, and close the door.
As you walk away
The feeling that began
With the first sight of the door
It's a a gay love poem.

19 August 2003

by Bill Cattey