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En Route to Niagara Falls

I've been to Niagara Falls
For a Gay Science Fiction Convention.
While I was there,
I kissed a guy I'm hot for
In front of the tourists.
Beautiful guy.
Beautiful falls.
On the way there,
Something even better happened.
After making my convention plans,
I got a call.
A friend I had a crush on
Wanted some help
Moving back to town for the summer.
I gladly made the detour
With its promise
Of time together with him
And my hope for a something more.
I drove several hours solo
To the strains of "Court and Spark"
By Joni Mitchell.
The evening of my arrival
The weather was chilly and drizzly.
Please God, warm it up and dry it out.
I want to go to the beautiful gorges
And play with my beautiful friend
Before I leave this place.
The next morning
It was just barely
Warm enough, and dry enough.
We trekked down the trail
Into the beautiful gorge.
No others were there.
So we stripped down
Had our fun
And then drove off.
In retrospect,
We didn't do all that much.
And I'm not Alan Ginsberg
So I won't go into details.
After that, whenever I hear
Joni Mitchell's "Court and Spark",
I remember fondly:
My trip to The Falls,
The detour,
The beautiful gorges,
My friend,
And our mischief.

25 December 2001

by Bill Cattey