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"How can I become a writer", she asked.
"You don't want to be a writer.
"If you are a writer, you can't stop yourself", he said.
He's right.
When The Muse takes hold
One can do aught but write.
You're going along, minding your own business
When something happens that stirs up feelings inside.
Then The Muse takes over.
"Something to write with!
"Something to write on!
Time turns all funny.
Words spray out.
Stuff gets crossed out
Or moved around.
You're not quite sure when it's gonna stop.
Suddenly The Muse lets go.
You feel like you're back
In control of yourself again.
The storm has passed.
You take a deep breath
And look for the first time
At what you and The Muse have birthed.

3 February 2000

by Bill Cattey