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Part of Me From You

I see in you something missing from me.
When I am with you I am whole.
I reach into you for my missing piece.
I use part of you as me.
You freely give to me of yourself
And bring out the best in me.
I become whole more confident in myself.
Yet I am incomplete because
The missing part of me is still in you.
When we are apart
my missing piece fades away.
I am incomplete
The shock of the loss makes me chase after you.
What is the cost to you
Supplying a missing piece of me
Supporting me where I lack.
But the missing piece is in me all the time.
I need only to claim it as mine.
I cannot take from you to fill in a part of me.
But I can see myself through your eyes.
And recover what I thought I had lost.

c. March 1984

by Bill Cattey