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Beside a shimmering waterfall
I sit on a carpet of green.
Through the trees I see the sky,
A slowly changing seascape.
With fluffy white sea creatures
Silently swimming by.
I am surrounded by music,
A quiet symphony of wonder.
The merry lark and the bubbling stream
Revive me with their song.
Lungs awakening to the gentle scent
Of freshly laundered air.
I am whole.
My mind slowly wanders back
To home, to school, to life.
Where am I?
Damn! I remember now,
A student with obligations to be met.
No time for fantasy,
Only work. I resume.
Ionic Lattice, Predicate noun,
Quadratic formula, Binomial expansion,
Covalent bond, Passe compose.
Do this, Do that.
Don't think, just work.
There's still so much to do!
I will keep up. You needn't fear.
I work as hard as you.
My humanity will never be lost.
For still my mind is free.
I travel to a far-off sanctuary
Where nature reigns supreme!

c. May 1976

by Bill Cattey