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A Quiet Party Fantasy

     1. Wondering
I didn't really notice you the first time we met.
I don't think you noticed me either.
We were busy chasing after someone else.
But one night I did notice you.
My sex drive returned only days ago
From an extended vacation.
You were a little tipsy from the drink
And I from the other people.
When you saw someone new I felt the same excitement.
It seems we both spend our time chasing
People best admired from a distance.
Very beautiful, but out of reach.
Might our mutual attraction for the inaccessible
Bring us within reach of each other?
Can we wait together for the one who may never come?
     2. Doing
Off to the side we hugged, and lamented loves never to be.
I think it was because you were tipsy
That you did not mind my touch.
If I'd had any sense, I'd have taken you home that night.
But we hardly knew each other.
You were tired, and I'd made other plans.
Afterwards I wanted to call you.
And ask to get together again.
But your phone number eluded me.
     3. Reflecting
Since then I have been waiting to see you again.
I have been wondering.
What it might be like together.
You seem as lonely as I am.
Perhaps seeing a mirror of that scares you.
I hope my interest does not distance you from me.
I want to touch and hug again with you.
To lessen our respective lonelinesses.
And find out if this quiet party fantasy is real.

30 March 1984

by Bill Cattey