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All too often
We behave true to form.
Trapped doing what we've always done
We remain who we've always been.
Does doing something different
Even occur to us?
Or do our habits of mind predominate?
New ideas?
Suggestions from a dubious source?
Perhaps ideas of our own
Discarded out of fear
Or tried but ending in failure??
Sometimes a surprising situation
Can grant us success
With one of those discarded ideas,
And change becomes possible.
But the biggest push
Comes when a person
Captures our imagination.
We get a trusted source for new ideas.
We get that crucial bit of extra energy,
To overcome fear or habit,
To break out of old form
And make of ourselves someone new.
Let's examine that concept:
To make of ourselves someone new.
Inspiration is a crucial one percent,.
But our perspiration is the other 99.
So as we seek
A special event
Or a special someone
We must remember:
Ultimately it is we ourselves
Who bring about emancipation.

12 May 2002

by Bill Cattey