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There was a time when I needed you desperately.
Because I was so alone, and you were the only one who could reach me.
There was a time when I felt I could face any challenge
Because you were there with me.
Now I see that you need someone you can get close to
Who won't fall apart if you need to go.
I remember a time, not so long ago, when I felt afraid
To be apart from you.
I worried that if you left, I'd find nobody else.
Today I feel I can either be close to you,
Or let you go
And I'll be fine.
Remembering my past, and my habits of mind,
It's likely I'll feel desperately lonely again.
But with a little bit of courage
I hope to face loneliness when necessary,
Pass through desperation
And quickly return
To enjoying what I have
And who I have
Right now.

3 November 2000
revised 2 August 2002

by Bill Cattey