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Country Dancer

What IS that chemistry
That decides who one loves
And who one hates?
To one, the inspiration
To do something never before tried.
It changed my life.
To another
An annoyance.
The last night of my first Gathering.
You were country dancing
In the talent show.
I picked my jaw up
Off the floor
And resolved to meet you.
The following year I did.
Taking country dancing lessons,
I learned the dance you did.
It was clear to both of us:
Puppy love.
I behaved myself
As best I could.
You were not mean
But you never smiled.
Back home
I kept dancing.
Nice folks, country dancers.
You can dance TERRIBLY with them
But still they'll treat you well.
I'd forgotten what it's like
To be encouraged
Rather than mistreated
Over honest lack of skill.
It really did change my life.
I've been over you for quite some time.
Still, when we happen across each other,
You never smile.

20 August 2000

by Bill Cattey