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Craving Communion

I know why I'm in love with V.
And what it was I got from B.
I crave communion.
What is it?
I'm not sure exactly,
But I know I've had it.
Not merging exactly,
But definitely a complex
Almost spiritual closeness.
To feel with the other person
Openness at every level:
To feel appreciated,
To feel like
At last,
I've come home.
A conversation going on
    In words
    In feelings
    In touch
    In trust.
It's not so hard to find
Conversation just in words
Or sex without conversation.
Bringing the two together
With feelings
And then trust
Is very rare indeed.
Wanting communion
Sometimes keeps me awake at night.
When I notice someone
Demonstrating sensitivity
Of body, mind and heart,
My own sensitivity
And desire for communion
Draws me to them.

20 January 2002

by Bill Cattey