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The Chemistry of Commitment

A subtle chemistry
Governs commitment.
Two people,
One or both
Attracted to the other.
What transforms attraction
Into mutual commitment?
Attraction means,
"There is something that I want."
Commitment means,
"There is something I will give."
Sometimes there is no need
For negotiation.
The two settle into
Giving and getting
Without a conscious thought.
All too often
There is turmoil:
"How can I
Cross the chasm
Or breach the wall
That stands between
Things as they are
And things as they could be?"
Negotiation begins.
Have I something to give?
Is there something that you want?
Have I words to describe
What I have and what I want?
Have I sense to understand
What you want
And the cost to you
Of what I want?
I'm frightfully aware
That there are differences in:
    Needs and desires,
And most challenging of all,
It is so easy
To give in
To feelings of fear.
Will negotiation
Turn into isolation
As differences are shown
Beyond reconciliation.
Or will a balance
Of desire and intent
Manifest and crystallize
Into commitment?

12 May 2002

by Bill Cattey