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Handle With Care

Some days are good days.
Some days are bad days.
The past few have been good.
I've been on vacation
Making new friendships
And strengthening old ones.
There have been tense moments
If I've done something wrong
With somebody new.
Tonight I've braved the disco.
Discos and I don't get along.
It's too easy for me to feel
Like everyone else but me
Is having a good time.
I can feel my self-confidence
Being slowly sucked away.
Handle with care.
Trying to imagine
Everyone else is just like me --
Looking to connect
Focusing on the good time
To be distilled from this muck.
A pretty face
Distracted by someone else.
No connection for me.
Handle with care.
One of my new friends --
A smile.
A bit of connection.
I has been a good day.

24 August 2000

by Bill Cattey