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Recovering From Burnout

I was burning out at work.
I had two projects
Each of which
Required one hundred percent
Of my attention and resources.
The sponsor of one gave me
The best advice I ever got
On how to change direction
And get out of burnout.
I said,
"These projects are my children!
Don't ask me to choose between them!"
He said,
"That's Sophie's choice!"
The woman ordered by the Nazi's
To choose which of her children
They would put to death.
We can treat ourselves
Better than that.
We can create other choices.
    Can things go on as they are without conflict?
    If not, what is the conflict?
    What can change to resolve the conflict?
For me and my projects,
Things definitely could not
Go on as they were.
Over-commitment was my conflict.
Answering how those two projects
I cared so very much about
Could flourish but not need all of me
Was my first step
In the direction of
Recovering from burnout.

24 August 2001

by Bill Cattey