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A Little Loss of Balance

That wonderful, recent, mind-set:
Balanced, and calm,
Optimistic, confident, and strong,
Faded a bit this week.
It was rather subtle.
Bedtime came and went
While I kept on reading.
I once again
Began to feel
The pull of fantasies
Impossible to fulfill.
My new habits
To watch for
Staying up late
And doing little
Failed me.
I got to sleep
A few hours late.
Next morning
I didn't feel like getting up.
I felt weak and vulnerable --
Unable to face
The unknowns of the new day.
I went through the motions
Until finally,
Some chemical balance changed.
The light came on
Inside my head
And I finally felt
I'd be able to cope.
Will the future
Be more like the recent past
Or the distant past?
What knocks me off balance?
What can I keep in mind
To retain that sense
That life is a challenge
That can be met.

7 January 2001

by Bill Cattey