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People say to me:
"Don't get too attached",
"It's time you moved on."
"You gotta get over him."
"You gotta get over me."
True and reasonable advice
To be sure.
But how comforting
One day instead to hear,
"It's a normal human thing
For a crush to persist.
Real change takes time
As well as effort."
Two points of view:
Your feelings for me,
My feelings for you.
I think maybe
My crushes took so long to fade
Because I kept trying
To suppress them
Out of fear of disapproval.
My viewpoint is mine.
And I must never forget
To respect it.
To respect myself.
I must savor my attachments.
As I allow them to evolve
Under the influence of
Not under the coercison of
Many viewpoints,
They will grow or fade
Transform or change
And it will all be
Just fine.

24 August 2001

by Bill Cattey