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I hope it takes a long time
For this stupid grin
To fade from my face.
A smoky room
And I hate smoke
But this time I don't care.
You see them as dots
At the far end of a colleseum.
My favorite performers
Are more down to earth.
I got to dance with them tonite.
We rubbed elbows
And talked
And argued
And danced.
It was supposed to be a jam session.
But that didn't happen.
Still I do not care.
I met them.
We got to know each other.
I'm not a singer
Or any kind of performer.
Just a fan.
And they don't care.
We connected.
And I feel joy.
Now I know why
They call this event

22 October 2000 revised 25 March 2002

by Bill Cattey