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This repository attempts to recover and publish the historical evolution of ADVENTURE for the PDP-8.

Orginally written by Rick Murphy when he worked at Digital back in 1979 and published as DECUS 8-889.

(Back then he went by Dick, instead of Rick.)

Original source was recovered from Dave Gesswein's archive on www.pdp8.net: * adventure_source.tu56 Image * Individual files published

Rick has continued to curate and publish subsequent versions at: https://www.rickmurphy.net/advent/

An attempt was made to recover the original via Vincent Slyngstad's DECUS Archive at: http://svn.so-much-stuff.com/svn/trunk/pdp8/src/decus/8-889/ but we discovered that his original source had been corrupted.

Vince, Rick, and I put our heads together and validated that Dave Gesswein's archive was the best baseline truth for DECUS 8-889.

In the course of validating that original, we chased down a long-standing bug that actually made running non-deterministic.

Original DECUS Writeup:

Adventure 8-889

Version: February 1979

Author: Dick Murphy, Digital Equipment Corporation

Operating System: OS/8 V3C, V3D; OS/12

Source Language: FORTRAN IV, RALF

Memory Required: 32KW

Keywords: Games

Abstract: Adventure is a magical, unpredictable and often addicting computer game that has caught on in the United States in near epidemic proportions.

It is a treasure hunt with all the trimmings - mysteries and challenges that grow more and more complex as the game unravels. Adventure is more of a puzzle than a game. Once solved, it's mastered. The mastering, however, often takes months of drawing maps and planning strategy.

Adventure's sweeping popularity lies in it's power to enchant. Players are projected into a world of fantasy, one that blends the heart pounding suspense of "Treasure Island" with the magic of "Alice in Wonderland".

Note: This is a version of the popular PDP-11 Adventure game (DECUS No. 11-340), containing all the features, but modified to run on a PDP-8.

Documentation on magnetic media.

Media Service Charge Code: Write-Up (AA), DECtape (HA), Floppy Diskette (KB)

Format: OS/8

Catalog: June 1985